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Welcome to the Sunset Beach Community Association Website!

Here you can learn about our organization, get information on issues of local concern to the Sunset Beach Community, as well as updates on local events.

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  • Sunset Beach Coyotes: A Tiered Response
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  • 2018 SBWC Educations Grants Application 


The Sunset Beach Community Association (SBCA) is an organization whose purpose is to educate members of this unique beachside community as well as visitors to the area regarding aspects of the community.

SBCA is the voice of Sunset Beach to the City of Huntington Beach, in which we are now officially a part. Meetings are held as needed under the name of “Sunset Beach Area Council Committee”. They are free and open to the public and provide information about issues that impact Sunset Beach citizens.

SBCA meetings are held the first Thursday of every month. The Agenda for the upcoming meeting is posted on the local bulletin board in front of the Post Office. Meetings start promptly at 7:30PM and are currently held at the Nobles Family Community Building located at 16861 12th Street. The typical meeting format after business is to invite a speaker to discuss issues that would be important to local residents.

During the past year we had a speaker from the Internal Revenue Service who spoke on identity theft, and what to do should this happen to you. We had the Huntington Beach Fire Chief speak after a local fire that destroyed several homes. He educated our citizens on the most common causes of fires in the home and how to avoid them. He also spoke on the response time for both fire and medical emergencies within Sunset Beach. The Huntington Beach Police Chief was invited to speak on community safety issues, disaster and terrorist attack preparedness as well as other issues such as fireworks, and citations on street sweeping day and in other restricted areas. The Huntington Beach Clerk spoke on the services provided by that office including the issuance of passports.

All are welcome to attend these meetings and minutes are posted on the local bulletin board, on this website as well as being emailed to anyone who requests this service by providing their email address.

Our organization is open to everyone who may be interested in Sunset Beach. However only registered voters living in the Sunset Beach area can vote in the annual elections to elect the Board of Directors.

SBCA Board of Directors

The SBCA Board is composed of seven members. The term for each board member is two years. The terms are staggered so one year three new members are elected and the following year four are chosen. The By-Laws and Constitution of the SBCA can be found here.

Member Title Email Current Term Responsible For
Mike Van Voorhis President sunsetsurfcity@aol.com 2017-2019 Firehouse Ball
Kevin Paulson Vice-President kpaul310@aol.com 2018-2020 Pancake Breakfast
Tim McCormack Secretary tdmccorm@aol.com 2017-2019 Art Festival Raffle Booth
Carolyn Caslin Treasurer txldie@aol.com 2018-2020 Chilii Cook-off
Bob Bellamy Director bobbellamy@alliancesafety-inc.com 2018-2020 Rock Concert
Greg Griffin Director gregfgriffin@gmail.com 2017-2019 Clean Up Day
Tony Nobles Director anobles@heartstitch.com 2018-2020 Halloween Party