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December 7, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM with the Pledge of allegiance and Introductions.

Roll call of directors:

Mike Van Voorhis, President Present
Tony Nobles, Vice-President Absent
Carolyn Caslin, Treasurer Absent
Tim McCormack, Secretary Present
Greg Griffin, Director Present
Kevin Paulson, Director Present
Rob Driscoll, Director Present

The minutes from the November 2017 meeting were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report: Mike Van Voorhis presented the treasurer’s report.
General Account = $17,118.96
Roof Savings = $22,658.28
Balance = $39,777.24

The balance includes $575 in donations that came in with ballots.

Property Tax has been paid. Part of the Insurance has also been paid.

No Correspondence

Public Comments:
Bob Bellamy stated that there was a robbery on the green belt near the vetinary clinic at 21st street. He said that four men accosted a single man with a backpack and robbed him. Because Lt. Scott Winks was not present due to a bad back, no additional details were available.

Residents on 4th street have observed a man on a skateboard with a backpack taping off the bathrooms at 4th street using yellow crime tape. After the bathrooms are taped off, they’ve observed many people entering and leaving, possibly doing drug deals. It was suggested that if you see bathrooms out of order on the green belt, contact the police.

Introduction of New Board Members:
Tony Nobles, Carolyn Caslin, Kevin Paulson, Bob Bellamy were each voted in as directors of the SBCA.

An organization meeting was held at the end of the general meeting. The following directors have accepted roles as officers of the SBCA board of directors.

Mike Van Voorhis    President
      Greg made the motion, Kevin 2nded it. Passed unanimously

Kevin Paulson Vice President
      Tim made the motion, Bob 2nded it. Passed unanimously

Carolyn Caslin Treasurer
      Kevin made the motion, Bob 2nded it. Passed unanimously

Tim McCormack Secretary
      Tim requested an assistant and Bob Bellamy has agreed to serve in that role. Greg made the motion. Kevin 2nded it. Passed unanimously

Each director volunteers to chair a specific event. Assignments follow:
Halloween PartyTony Nobles
Art Festival Raffle BoothTim McCormack
Pancake BreakfastKevin Paulson
Rock ConcertBob Bellamy
Chili CookoffCarolyn Caslin
Clean Up DayGreg Griffin
Firehouse BallMike Van Voorhis

Guest Speaker: David Silverman, our insurance agent, gave a presentation updating the assembly on the state of our insurance, community center value, etc. He emphasized the ongoing need to require a certificate of additional insurance from all who use the Sunset Beach Community Center and Nobles Family Community Center building in order to minimize any risk to our community.

SBACC (Sunset Beach Area Council Meeting) Update:
An update on the SBACC meeting was given. The meeting was held at the Huntington Beach City Offices on November 13, 2017. Several topics were addressed.

  • Short term rentals – Currently, the proposal is to issue conditional use permits for rentals of less than 30 days. These will require input from neighbors (public hearing).
  • Group Homes (sober living, rehab, etc) are limited to 6 people or less per home. Currently facilities are renting adjacent properties and creating communities that are larger than the intended 6 per property. HB is looking into legal remedies.
  • Speeding on North & South Pacific – Some residents have requested speed bumps. That request was denied.
  • Lifeguard stands have been moved down to the Warner turnaround as a result of the requests at our last SBCA meeting.
    • A big shout out to HB Lifeguards for moving the stands quickly!

Upcoming Events & Meetings:
Because the January SBCA meeting was cancelled, our next SBCA meeting is scheduled for February 1 at 7:30pm.
Sunset Beach Clean Up DaySaturday, May 5, 2018
Mother’s Day Art FestivalSaturday, May 11 & Sunday, May 12, 2018
Pancake BreakfastSaturday, July 14, 2018
Rock ConcertSaturday, Aug 25, 2018
Chili Cook OffSaturday, Sept 15, 2018

With no other business coming before the directors the meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Tim McCormack, secretary SBCA Board of Directors


 SBCA Constitution and Bylaws