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November 2, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM with the Pledge of allegiance and Introductions.

Roll call of directors:

Mike Van Voorhis, President Present
Tony Nobles, Vice-President Absent
Carolyn Caslin, Treasurer Absent
Tim McCormack, Secretary Present
Greg Griffin, Director Present
Kevin Paulson, Director Present
Rob Driscoll, Director Present

The minutes from the October 2017 meeting were accepted.

Treasurerís Report: Mike Van Voorhis presented the treasurerís report.
General Account = $22,261.50
Roof Savings = $22,658.28
Balance = $44,919.78

Mike announced that proceeds of the Rock Concert were $2,177.

The Sunset Beach Womanís Club presented a donation, in the form of a check for $2,046, to the SBCA. This donation represented 25% of the proceeds of the 20th Annual Sunset Beach Chili Cookoff, sponsored by the Sunset Beach Womanís Club and held at the Sunset Beach Community Center.

No Correspondence

Public Comments:
Las Damas representatives announced that the Firehouse Ball would be held at the Community Center on November 11.

Sue Porter spoke about the concrete benches located on the green belt. She pointed out that these oversized benches sport the HB logo and are out of place in our environment.

Scott Dodson wanted to know why the beach tractors are using sand sifters instead of using sand rakes. He stated that in the past sand rakes were used. He also said that since the life guard stations have been pulled back instead of moved to the end of the beach near Bolsa Chica itís possible that they will become party stations.

Gail Brice reminds residents that the recycling bins will now accept everything except liquid and food.

Lt. Scott Winks responded to a question and said that we could organize a neighborhood watch if residents desire. He responded to complaints about the concerts at Bolsa Chica state park. Comments were made that the concerts are causing parking disruptions, rowdy behavior and excessive noise. He said that the state park is determined to have concerts with 10,000+ attendees and they donít care how it affects the local community.

LCP Update: Tim McCormack requested that Nancy Barfield be appointed as first alternate on the LCP. Greg Griffin made a motion, Bob Driscoll seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Guest Speaker:Carol Curtis gave a presentation on earthquake preparedness.
It was a very interesting speech. The main takeaways are that the siren at the Firestation is tested on the first Friday of each month at noon. If you hear it at any other time, be aware. She pointed out that all of our electricity and our water comes across the San Andreas fault so if a large earthquake happens, we can expect disruptions for up to 4 to 6 months. Carol recommends that each residence have a five month water supply. She said that you should consider half full as empty on your car gasoline tanks. Keep them full. In the event of a major catastrophe, gas pumps will be out of service. Every person should know how to shut off gas at your gas meters and have a simple tool attached to your gas meter to facilitate shut off. If you donít know how, the gas company will come out to your home at no charge and show you how.

SBCA Election:
Candidates the SBCA Board introduced themselves and said a few words. There are four positions open and five candidates are running. Three of the candidates were present. Kevin Paulson, currently on the SBCA Board of Directors, Bob Bellamy and Zeb Mirz, both new candidates, each spoke. Carolyn Caslin, current Treasurer and Tony Nobles, current Vice President, were unable to attend the meeting.

Sunset Beach Area Advisory Committee (SBAAC):
The SBAAC is comprised of Sunset Beach residents and 3 members of the Huntington Beach City Council along with staff and City Department managers. The purpose of the meeting is to address current Sunset Beach issues. A meeting will be scheduled in the coming months. Items that have been suggested for the agenda are: Local Costal Plan (LCP) and Costal Commission update. Greenbelt watering, landscaping and maintenance. Street Noise, Traffic Speeds, cleaning of parking spaces on the greenbelt and public lot. Short Term rentals, Sober Living facilities, Fireworks, and Homeless & Public Loitering.

With no other business coming before the directors the meeting was adjourned at 9:18pm.
The next SBCA meeting is scheduled for December 7 at 7:30pm.


 SBCA Constitution and Bylaws