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Sunset Beach was established as a town on September 8, 1904. It is located in the County of Orange and was unincorporated until 2010 when it was annexed into the city of Huntington Beach. It now falls under that governing jurisdiction.

Sunset Beach is about a mile and a half long, beginning at Anderson Street to the north and ending at Warner Avenue to the south. Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) runs through the middle of Sunset Beach with businesses on both sides of the highway. There is North and South Pacific Avenue, numbered streets to the west of PCH, and most of Sunset Island and Park Avenue to the east. The main street for the island is Bayview Drive and Park Avenue between 9th and 10th Streets on the island side of PCH.

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Local Calendar
A local calendar is displayed on the Post Office bulletin board. It is a good idea to check it regularly as it changes each month. Upcoming events and meetings are posted there. Also posted are the minutes from the Sunset Beach Community Association (SBCA) and the Sanitary Board meetings.

Trash Collection
Trash is picked up Mondays and Fridays by Rainbow Disposal. You must use special cans provided by Rainbow Disposal. Otherwise your trash will not be collected. (If you have any questions please call Rainbow Disposal at 714-847-3581.) Rainbow Disposal provides two trashcans. Blue ones are for recycling and brown ones are for regular, non-recyclable trash. Trashcans should be brought in from the streets and alleys after the trash collection is completed. Rainbow Disposal also provides pick-up for large items such as refrigerators, stoves, etc. Please call them to make arrangements.

Sunset Beach does not have home delivery. Instead residents have post office boxes and get mail at the local Post office. It is located between 10th and 11th streets on PCH. The Post Office hours are 8:30Am to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. Mail can be picked up on Saturdays (as well as other after hours times) but the window is closed for postal services. Excellent people work in the post office and residents of Sunset Beach get wonderful service.

Street Sweeping
Street sweeping occurs on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month between 8:00AM and noon. Cars may not be parked behind garages on any streets, street ends or alleys during these hours. Otherwise they will be ticketed. However cars may be parked in the Green Belt parking spaces and on PCH during this time.

Fire Department
Although Sunset Beach used to have a Volunteer Fire Department, funding for this was stopped several years back. The HB Fire Department now serves Sunset Beach. The old volunteer fire station building was purchased by the SBCA using donations from the community. It is now being upgraded to meet the CDA standards and will continue to be used by the community for annual functions as well as being an emergency disaster center for Sunset Beach. Completion of this retrofitting should be done in 2013 prior to the Art Festival.

Police Department
The HB Police Department now serves Sunset Beach.

Sanitary District
Sunset Beach has its own sanitary district, which is paid for by local taxes. This sanitary district also serves the community of Surfside. Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00PM in the Woman's Club on the corner of Bayview Drive and Broadway. These meetings are open to the public.

Community Center
The community lot is located next to the Renovated Fire Station/Community Center on 12th Street. The SBCA owns this lot and it is for everyone's use. This is where the community holds most of our events. There is a basketball court as well as a kitchen. Use of the kitchen is only allowed with the permission of the SBCA. There is a charge for using the center for personal events. Earthquake supplies are stored on this lot in case of an emergency. The center is the place residents and visitors should go to in an emergency. The rules governing the lot are posted on the fence. Please obey them.

   Please contact Al Starr, Community Center contact for rentals, at aks7777777@hotmail.com.

     SBCA Community Center Rental Agreement

     SBCA Community Center Building and Lot Plan

Some important rules every Sunset Beach resident or visitor should observe...
  • Observe beach regulation signs posted at street ends, which list no drinking on the beach, no open fires and no dogs.
  • Only permit parking is allowed on North and South Pacific Avenues parallel to the homes, in front of garages. Permits can be obtained from Huntington Beach.
  • No overnight RV parking on the Green Belt. RVs must be moved by 9:00PM.
  • Always pick-up after your dog.
  • Dogs must be leashed.